Dear Friends and Pointer Fans,  
As we reflect back upon the 2013-14 season we are all inspired by what we can accomplish together.  Our staff and student-athletes had a record setting year on the court, our season ticket sales and game day attendance were among the best in college basketball, and our Backcourt Club membership has steadily climbed to an all-time high.

On the strength of one of the best booster clubs in NCAA Division III college basketball, the Pointers men’s basketball program is now well into its fourth decade of sustaining quality and excellence both on and off the court.

The Backcourt Club has been the driving force behind this program since 1978. That loyalty and commitment has resulted in 18 league titles in the past 33 seasons. No other WIAC institution has won more than nine league titles during this same time span.  Since 1982, this program has averaged a league championship every 1.83 years.

Sustaining quality and excellence is a journey, not a destination. This has become our standard, our motto and our goal as evidenced by our more recent history of earning 10 league titles in the past 15 seasons. Here at UWSP, we do not rest on our laurels – rather, we Pointers have a great sense of urgency to capitalize on past successes and continue striving towards further greatness.

Each year we are both humbled and inspired by the support we receive during our annual membership drive.
Can we count on your contribution once again this season?

Your generous gift will help us provide our current student-athletes with a more memorable, meaningful collegiate experience. Moreover, the brightest and best high school prospects in our state are even more drawn to a program like ours when learning about our passionate booster club and witnessing first-hand how deeply our fans care about the success of this program.

Thank you for your persistent efforts to help us make Pointers basketball unique and special.

Bob Semling - Head Coach

Nancy LaMar - President, Backcourt Club Coaches Committee